Millennial Marketing Strategies – Planning to Reach Gen Y

Marketers planning millennial marketing strategies are finding the Gen Y target market evolves in social interests of platforms and communities. This new demographic is not only using social media, they are contributing to news online.  Your brand’s reputation will be affected by this strategy, to include brand image seen within social communities, in comments of users, posts to blogs.  These strategies to reach Gen Y will include images, video, and social aggregation of content.  The following trends of reaching Gen Y should be included in the millennial marketing strategy.

Review current social trends.

Gen Y planning should include review of current trending topics, as Millennials are responding to current trends and collaborating on the topic.  Movies and video art experiences have a big impact on social culture.

Contribute to the social good.

Position your brand to contribute to the social good.  This generation of mobile users is interested in sharing content and affiliations to brands which they are proud to associate with.

Develop customer loyalty programs.

Millenials have more disposable income than their parents had. Trends show that stat will not change as they grow older.  Earn loyal customers through transparent customer loyalty programs. Tell them what they will be getting for brand shares and interaction up front.  Build relationships in the social networks. Include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr in your plan.

Advertise in the social media.

social media advertisingSince Gen Y is rarely disconnected, advertising in social media, with use of images and video, is converting to visitors and online sales.  Advertise to reach the consumer and drive traffic back to the page they will convert on.  Use Facebook display ads to link directly to your site or targeted landing page.  Use remarketing display advertising to bring consumers back to your website. Make sure your brand stays in front of the target market, with a message they are responding to.  Post buy analysis of millenial marketing strategies should take place frequently.  Don’t wait 90 days to change a negative trend or optimize a positive campaign.

millenial marketing planningThe millennial customers are producing measurable economic impact in 2015. Contribute to brand acceptance of this target market through a clear vision and understanding of the future.   Creative thinking is required when structuring sales and milennial marketing plan. Reach Gen Y with these strategies, and they will reward your brand with increased acceptance, brand loyalty, and valuable online reputation.

Review millennial trends of 2014: 

Mobile Telephony: A stronger connection between mobile use and brand engagement dramatically increased as the year progressed. There is a good indicator that the trend will continue to grow.  Generation Y prefers apps that are tailor-made to be used in their mobile devices. They are very addicted to Smartphones. This target group is greatly influencing the emergence of new brands in the mobile industry. Mobile users should therefore be considered during online marketing planning.

Gen Y is responding to images:  Millennials prefer sharing pictures via popular social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Prospective marketers should target the group through these social media platforms.

Social ads are now more famous than banners: The gains of sharing personal information over the internet are being extensively exploited by the group. The social ads can be accessed in the user’s news feed. The ads only provide a few details about the company or the product. Gen Y planning should therefore target social media promotion.

Free sharing of information over the social media: Majority of the millennial group members value sharing information over the social media. Marketers are using social media platforms to monitor their customers’ behaviors. Online marketing is therefore of paramount importance when targeting Millennial customers.

gen y planningUse social aggregation and content curation platforms like to reach, quote, and contribute to social media strategy for 2015.  Join The Social Marketing Circle to learn from experts in social media marketing as we review examples of brand strategies of the SMB to the Enterprise.